Friday, October 24, 2008

Augsburg is freedom

I had an interesting experience last night. I waited until today to write about it, so my emotions wouldn't be front-and-center.
Mitch, Alan, and I went over to Brian's last night. For those who don't know, Brian goes to another school (I won't name it, that's rude). I've always known that Brian's school is conservative, but until tonight, I've never experienced just what that means.

We were chilling in Brian's room around midnight, when somebody knocked on the door. Alan, being silly, yelled "Go away!" The knocker turned out to be an RA, who told us we had to leave.
I'd forgotten: at Brian's school, you can't have members of the opposite gender/sex in your room after midnight.

This might not sound like a big deal, but to me, it's significant.
It made me feel like a child, or as if Brian was a child, as if we couldn't make "adult" decisions, like being in the same room together with our friends.

It feels like such a breach of freedom...

So I guess the reason I'm writing about this (and being pretty negative in the process) is that it's for reasons like that that make me love Augsburg. I love that Augsburg treats me like an adult. I love that Augsburg doesn't question my morals, or my values, or my sexuality. They are OK with me being me, and me keeping the company that I feel is appropriate for me, and so on.

There. I've said it.

Now I can move on to how excited I am for my radio show. I researched Ocarina of Time and found out that the original cartridge was gold (like my first edition Majora's Mask cartridge) and had Ganondorf puking red blood (in the later versions, it was green, to avoid lawsuits). The Fire Temple's music was also different, featuring chanting. It was definitely a lot creepier (and in my opinion, a more effective), but apparently got some bad feedback from the Muslim community, as the chanting sounded like a chant from the Islam faith, so Nintendo took it out.

So there's something neat to think about.

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Lillian The Great said...

I didn't know that "Brian's School" was that conservative! I think my favorite English teacher told me that I would like it there... Wow.

That's something I really thought was cool when I visited Augsburg too, my mom had asked something about it, and our tour guide said that "We're adults, and we are expected to behave like them." Just like you said. I would hate to still be chaperoned!