Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Argh, graphs

Aaaaahhhhh. I'm finally done writing the brunt of my Argumentation paper. I wrote about fallacies in presidential debates, specifically, the 2008 debates.
So yeah. I finished it. Of course, I spend parts of my Thursday mornings at work editing the paper (print it out, mark it with red ink, repeat), but I don't have any more writing to do, technically.

I took my first Microeconomics exam today. The multiple choice went well, I think, but I know for sure that the graphing portion is going to destroy my grade. I had to b.s. everything. Which is too bad, because I really did study hard.
I don't want to make excuses, of course, but I think one problem with the class is that all the assignments are created via Aplia, which is an online homework site, and the exam I took today was created by my professor.
Well, now I know what to study for next time, no?

I got The King and I in the mail from Netflix today. Such a classic: it was nominated for nine Academy Awards and won five. I haven't seen it, though (thus, I got it from Netflix). I'm making Mitch watch it. He said he's going to sit on his computer the whole time, but at least he agreed to sit through it. He doesn't like old movies.

I played some God of War last night after I finished my homework. I only got about twenty minutes in, because it was pretty late by the time I started, but at least I kept my God of War-habits in practice. You see, playing one video game for an extended period of time means that your kinetic movements (i.e. fingers) become memorized, and then improve. When you stop playing that video game for too long, your body forgets its patterns and your skill level falls.
Ooooh, this is making me excited for my radio show. Seth still has to train me in, but once that's done, it's "You're a Nerd," on the air every Sunday at 8 P.M.!

For all you current Auggies, I encourage you to log in to Augnet and check out Homemade's story on Inside Augsburg. Lots of thanks goes to Wendi Wheeler for meeting with me and then writing the piece.
Augsburg is so cool.

I'm going to play My Japanese Coach now.

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