Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Yomu (to read)

Ahhh! Attack of the homework monster!

I have to read about 50 pages for Hon. 200 (on Buddhism), about 50 pages for Scholar Scientist (on math D:< ), and then I have some online questions to answer.

Lily's also feeling the heat. I told her the best place to go and concentrate on work is in the bottom level of the library. Hardly anyone goes down there, so it's ultra quiet, and the chairs are uncomfortable, and the air is mightily cold, so it's easy to try and get your homework done fast--so you can leave.

Adam is running for student senate! Like I should have assumed he would. If I could vote for you, I would, Adam! Are there any sophomore senate seats open this year? No, I don't think so. I think we've got Juve and Sam.

My Honors banquet was moved to Sunday, so we get to vote for Honors House Presidents one day early! Joy!

I suppose I'd better read...

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