Thursday, September 18, 2008


Kristen had her Sci/Tech Public Speaking class come in and see me in the Speakers Lab tonight. People came in one-by-one, and I told them when the lab is open, what I can for them, etc. Allison Nelson is 100% coming to see me on Monday! Woohoooooo!

The Twins did great tonight! What a rally in the ninth! Annnnd, the White Sox lost. It's about time we won one, anyway. Lately, the Twins have been letting leads slip away.

Since I was a good girl and got most of my homework for the next couple days done early, I got to play Starfox Adventures for two whole hours! I would have given ANYTHING to have two full hours of free time last year!
I'm content with my schedule. I have to keep in mind, of course, that I'm taking on a couple more hours as an Argumentation tutor, but that's not much.

The pictures for first-years and second-years are up on Homemade! Check them out!

Oh, guess what my math homework was like today? Here's question #4, and my answer to it:

4. Using Boole's algebraic notation for logic, why does x^2=x? What does 1+x equal? Why?
Answer: Since "x" stands for a collection of objects, say, mammals, to say "x^2" is just to ask "what commonalities do mammals and mammals share?" Obviously, the answer is "mammals" ("x").
1+x = 1, because (using the example I used above), if "1" = all animals, and "x" = mammals, then to say "1+x" is to ask "If you add all the animals and all the mammals, what do you get?" Obviously, all the animals, since mammals are already a part of all the animals.

Boole's algebraic notation is a way to calculate syllogisms. Neat, huh?

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