Tuesday, September 30, 2008

We're gonna win Twins

This is not even funny.
Boo, Detroit Tigers! You let us down!
For those not baseball-conscious, the White Sox played the Detroit Tigers yesterday. If the Tigers would have won, the Twins would have won the division. But the Tigers lost. So now, the White Sox (after winning a stupid coin toss) are playing the Twins at Cellular Field. If the White Sox win, they win the division. If the Twins win, the Twins go on to the play offs. It's the fifth inning, nobody has scored, although Cuddyer came pretty damn close, and I am going to throw up if this game gets any more stressful.

P.S. Check out the next issue of the Echo. Colin accepted my op/ed! He helped me edit it a bit, being the nice friend/editor that he is, and I agreed with all his changes, so I will be very happy with the end result.

Guess what else? So much has happened that I have to tell you about:

Kristen brought her dog, Millie, in today. She blamed her husband Mark, for telling her two days early that it was Augsburg's blessing of the animals in chapel. Really, that's not until Friday. So I got to hold a very cute, slightly plump Papillon (that's French for butterfly). I even slacked on working on my religion essay to hold the dog.../look at video game icons on LiveJournal. Don't tell!

Another thing: there is a depot-looking store about two blocks from campus called United Noodles. It gets shipments of food from Asia every week. That means, they have some of the stuff I had while I was in Japan! I bought five bottles of Pocari Sweat, one of the cold green teas ("ochya" in Japanese) found in most Japanese vending machines, and a pack of Watering Kissmint gum. I was so happy, I think I creeped the cashier out by grinning at her while she rang up my items.
I wish the store had that blue candy I found in Tokyo and ate every night while I did my homework...but it might not have been candy. I found a website that sells it, and the website referred to it as gum. Hmmm...

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corywins said...

So, uh - what exactly was this - because if I find some, maybe I will bring you some.