Friday, September 12, 2008


I'm back in Milaca for the weekend, enjoying the chillness that is going-home.
Mom got her new couch earlier this week, so as I'm entering this blog, she's playing Wind Waker. She hasn't played in a while, and right now she's making her way through Ganon's castle.
Ernie's cleaning himself on the hearth, and Maggie's napping between me and Mom. Ernie's not allowed up on this new couch. Boo!
I gave Sadie and Boris my leftover meatloaf. And my potato skins.

I tried reading the rest of Madeleine Albright's article, "Bridges, Bombs, or Bluster?" in a 2003 issue of Foreign Affairs. Since it is from 2003, Albright's criticisms of the Iraq War are tough, but not nearly as tough as we're now accustomed to hearing.

I've officially made the decision to not work in the Admissions backroom this semester. My jobs with the Comm. Studies dept. have taken most of my work time (not that I'm complaining), and I want to keep time for volunteering for Barack's campaign. Not to mention, I like having a few hours during the week when I can watch The Office with Mitch, or color.
I've learned last year's lesson. I am not going to spread myself too thin. I will take control of my schedule--my schedule will not run me. Last year, I felt so stressed all the time. It was horrible. And yes, you might say that the results were worth it (my transcript is impressive, and I could afford to study abroad), but physically and emotionally, I've had quite enough of that madness.

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