Monday, September 15, 2008

Turn around every now and then

Speakers Lab! I've grown to love it down here. Now that it's painted a pretty green, and has some nice lighting, it's not a bad place to be. Not only is the atmosphere nice, but we have some good resources (I've been checking out the books on our shelf).

I might do a few speech meets this year. I met with Kristen this afternoon to discuss what category I should do, but I'm still a little undecided. POI, which is a category for related randomness, is what she wants me to do, but I think it sounds a little scary for my first meet in two years. Not to mention POI isn't on the high school speech category roster, so I've never seen one done before. Kristen said she's going to get me some videos of POIs so I can check them out.

As always, I have some political news. I remember checking this during the primary season, but I forgot what the details were: In Mille Lacs County (where Milaca, my hometown, is located), Barack beat Hillary, and everyone beat McCain. McCain only got 43 votes. Barack got 212. This is good news for me, since I'll be phone banking for the Milaca area in the weeks to come.

I've got a paper on Siddhartha due Wednesday. I worked on it a bit tonight, but I've got a lot of touching-up to do. It'll be fine, though: it's only 4-5 pages. I think my thesis is pretty strong. It's something like "Hermann Hesse purposely wrote Siddhartha to be more about the journey, the path that Siddhartha takes, rather than the end-result (enlightenment)."

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Lillian The Great said...

You phone bank in Milaca, do you know Sam Samuelson? He's the Field Coordinator for your district, mine and Isanti. I know he's working for Gail's campaign. Anyway, he rocks. I WANT TO PHONE BANK! Where do you go?