Monday, September 22, 2008

Republican harbors

This weekend, Mitch and I went up to Two Harbors for Amy DeBoer's wedding. Mitch, his parents, and I stayed at a small hotel in the city, and on Sunday, we went about ten miles out of the city to the Grand Superior Lodge for the actual ceremony and reception.

I saw a lot of McCain/Palin signs up north. It doesn't surprise me. When I checked CNN's primary elections web page, I noticed that as I scrolled farther north of Milaca, counties became more and more conservative. Of course, the hub of liberalism (at least, social liberalism) is in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area, so I feel most at home politically here at Augsburg.

One good thing I took from the wedding (among many others) is that I realized how much I love rural Minnesota. I get nostalgia for farms, grass, woods, and smelly dogs every time I go home, but since the leaves are changing (at least it seems, more quickly) up north, it really hit me how much I love the country.

Mitch and I got some good ideas for our wedding. We've decided that we're not going to have a ceremony. Rather, we are going to be married courthouse style, and then we'll have a party (reception). That's all.

Tonight, Shonna and Tony were crowned Augsburg Homecoming King and Queen 2008. Congratulations, you two!
I might not have mentioned this before, but Mitch is homecoming royalty, too. :)

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