Saturday, September 27, 2008

Op/eds are for whiners--except this time, when I write one

Our debate-party went as well as we'd hoped. The food was good (the cucumber dish I made turned out nicely), although there was a good deal of fat on the roast, which made it hard to enjoy as much as the first roast we had (when was that, a week or two ago?).

I slept in this morning, and after getting ready just in time to make it to the game, I was told by DPS at the field gate that I couldn't go in. Apparently, they were over the fire-capacity.
I was not allowed to go into the field and watch the Homecoming game. I.E. I couldn't see Mitch, Mr. Homecoming Prince, get up in front of everybody at halftime.
I was very pissed.

I trudged back up to the room and read the latest (I think the first of the year) copy of the Echo. Most of it was typical Echo: everyone being opinionated, some news-coverage, and at least one piece about a faculty hating on Augsburg's president.
One of the op/eds is titled "Liberals by Default." I read it, thought a little bit about it (one can never give too much thought to op/eds without going crazy with rage), and then realized that it would be a good piece to pick apart argumentation-style (the real kind of argumentation. You know, with integrity and validity).
So I did. I wrote my first op/ed piece. Goodness knows if I'll actually send it in, but I feel good about it. I did some actual research (which the author of "Liberals by Default" obviously did not do), and I even employed a new comm. studies term I learned the other day: fallacy of suppressed evidence. You can wait until I publish (or not) my piece to find out what that means.

On a less cranky note, I've been posting videos from my study abroad trip to Tokyo. I haven't put them all up on Youtube yet, but quite a few are posted, so check them out at Shimo389.

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