Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Make your booty go...

Because I can't wait until Youtube finishes its site maintenance to share this with you, here is Jay (a friend from my Tokyo study abroad trip) singing The Thong Song, by Sisqo, at a karaoke bar in Ikebukuro.
It wouldn't mean nearly as much for me to post this if you didn't understand that it is a once in a lifetime thing to see or hear Jay say or do anything remotely not classy.

Mitch and I had Lily over for dinner tonight. Mitch made roast in our new crock pot, and I made some pumpkin bread (although not from scratch). It was delicious! We got to catch up on Lily's first few weeks at college. It sounds like she's having a very Auggie time.

I'm officially a tutor for Argumentation, now! I also signed up to tutor Com280 (communication theory), just in case. Yaaay!

I was a little worried about the microecon assignment I had to do (well, technically it isn't due until next Tuesday, but I wanted to get it out of the way early. I have a lot other other things to do in the next few days!). Anyway, I was a little worried about it, seeing as how I'm awful at all things math/graphs, but it really wasn't that bad. It was only about ten questions, and they were all questions I could understand. All the graph questions were simple enough that, even though it was obvious that a knowledge of the material was needed to answer them (god forbid), I could come up with an actual answer. That might sound silly to some of you math-geniuses, but coming up with anything that has numbers, equations, or patterns involved is a huge feat for me. That's why I'm pursuing majors in paradigm studies (paradigms are the lenses that we (people) view things through). I'm much better at concepts than I am at specifics.

Guess what? Lily and Adam's blogs are finally up on Homemade! Check them out: First-Years!
Their pictures aren't up yet, but the information is there. We're making progress!

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