Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Magical math

I love Naked juice!
I met with Kristen after Scholar Scientist. We vented about the RNC, Sarah Palin, and the rest of the ridiculousness that we call the John McCain campaign. We also chatted about the Washington Center, which is the organization that our RNC interns went through. The org. is doing a seminar for the Presidential inauguration in D.C., and I would love to do it, except I'm not sure if I could get funding. I'm pretty sure URGO would give me a travel stipend, but after that...
I'm trying to figure out what to do this winter. A short internship? Something like the Washington Center's seminar? Work? Nothing at all? Mom said I should just stay home with her and play Zelda, and although that seems mighty enticing, I really should do something that might get me a job someday.

We watched a Donald Duck cartoon in Scholar Scientist. Donald visits a magical land of math.
We also watched a couple videos in Microeconomics: the first was a clip from Along Came Polly (which I don't think I've seen!), and the second was a clip from The Family Man (which I know I've never seen).

Since I didn't phone bank for Barack yesterday like I was supposed to, I donated some money instead. I did it under Mitch's name so I could get the free car magnet. Apparently, regular volunteers like me don't get gifts for donations. :(

Onward, coloring!

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