Thursday, September 4, 2008


Today was my second day of class.
Yesterday, I had Honors 200 (religion) at 9:10, Microeconomics at 12:10, and then The Scholar Scientist at 1:20. All three classes seem like they'll be fine, although I'm genuinely surprised that my favorite class session of the day was The Scholar Scientist, which is the Honors math course. I sat next to Sam, as I did in Religion, and we were a pretty good match = no math skills. We did some math problems, but also talked about what the class is really going to be like. From whatIunderstand, it will be a mix of actual math, math history, and math theory. Basically, Jodi (the professor) said by the end of the class, we should better appreciate math. That might sound sort of silly to people who can actually do math, but to me, it's the closest I can get to actually liking the subject. So I'm excited. :)
Microeconomics, on the other hand, I'm a little hesitant about. We're using Aplia, an online assignment thingy for the class, and through the website, we have to take a pretest. That, in itself, is not scary. It's that to do well on the pretest, I need graphical knowledge. I haven't worked with graphs since 11th grade! Thank goodness Aplia also supplies a math tutorial (or, as I call it, a "refresher," which is a less condescending word, and suggests that at least at some point, I knew the material).

Today, I had Argumentation, although I left early (with Professor Lapakko's permission, of course) to watch Howard Dean, the Chair of the DNC, speak on the Urness lawn. He was preceded by Senator Amy Klobuchar, Congressman Keith Ellison, and Mayor R.T. Rybak. I got to wave my "Bush McCain More of the Same" poster and whoop Democratically for about an hour. It was needed to balance the anger I still have over the RNC. I actually fake-blogged a little bit while I watched it yesterday (I watched about four hours of the RNC. I deserve a medal):

"Until RNC coverage concludes later tonight, I will be blogging Twitter-style, with small little tidbits entered every few minutes or so. Almost like I'm taking notes.

Keith Olbermann just quoted McCain in an interview he gave today. When asked what sort of foreign policy experience Palin has, he said something to the extent of “Alaska is close to Russia.”

Carly Fiorina is loony. She's calling the criticism of Sarah Palin's experience sexist. It's not sexist! How is that sexist? It's a criticism of her experience, not her genitals!

I hate generalizations. The amount of generalizations people (even that's a generalization) make in politics is astounding. Mitt Romney just said Liberals “put the teachers union above our children.”

Yep. That's right. Liberals hate children. That's why they want every newborn baby to be aborted.

Disgusting, false generalizations.

He also just said Europe isn't doing so hot. Really? You don't think universal health care in Norway “isn't doing so hot?” You think a greater distribution of wealth in Sweden “isn't doing so hot?”

“The terrorist sponsor-states are the axis of evil.”


I love Keith Olbermann. He is all about the facts. When a speaker lies, he calls them out on it. Like when Mike Huckabee said Sarah Palin got more votes for Mayor of her town in Alaska than Joe Biden got for President. FALSE. Joe Biden got almost 80,000 votes for President. There are only about 8,000 people total in Wasilla, AK, where Palin ran for Mayor.

Romney is giving an interview. He just said some of Palin's credentials are “She's a mom, she's a hunter...”

Great Presidential qualifications."

So anyway, I only have two classes tomorrow. The Scholar Scientist is 1 1/2 hr. class, so it's only two days a week.

Oh, I saw Adam and Lily today! I hadn't seen either of them since they'd moved in almost a week ago. Today, I saw them both in the same hour. I guess that speaks for how busy Auggie Days is.

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