Saturday, August 30, 2008

The swing of things

Here I am, after a long hiatus.

Today was first-year move-in day. How exciting! I missed Lily, though. Mitch said she was one of the first people in line. I was woken up at about 7:30 by OLs chanting the Auggie fight song. I was so tired, I crabbily yelled out the window "Shut up!" Of course, later, I felt bad.

I spent some time with Mitch and Charles while they played music and gave out prizes like white-boards and iTunes gift cards to new students.

I met with Martha Johnson the other day. We talked about what my Student Created Learning Experience will be about. I'm really clinging on to the idea of studying Kabuki in depth, maybe from a performance-elements standpoint. I called Bob Groven's office earlier today, only to remember he's on sabbatical this semester. I then called the Honors desk and left a message asking for the SCLE form and some more information. After the phone call, I realized I'll have to find out who I'll be giving my proposal to, since Bob will be gone. Hmm...probably Professor Crockett, among others.

I'm glad things are becoming a little more about the schedule and a little less about the "What the hell am I doing today?" I need some stability in my life. Reverse culture shock hit me a little hard.

Alan's heading our way. When he gets here, we, along with Charles and Erik, are going to Pizza Luce. I wish Lily was coming with us, but she has required, but fun Auggie Days activities. Have fun, Lily! We're glad you're here!

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