Thursday, July 17, 2008


I had a bad headache last night (atama ga itai = my head hurts), so we didn't go to Wells Fargo like we'd planned.
So we went tonight! The man and woman who helped me get everything figured out were very kind. The man, who I think was the manager, was also very able, and did a lot of annoyingly random math in his head. So now I have travelers checks, and some US currency to keep (only a bit), and some to exchange at the airport Tuesday.
We also went to Target to pick up the last few things I needed before I leave: makeup (I'm not out, but I'm almost out of a lot of things), quart-sized plastic bags (that's the only size the Japanese customs allows for carry-ons), and some comfort food (chocolate, and it will be eaten before I leave).

Kristen, Wes, and I tabled again today. It rained out this morning, so Event Services (or whoever sets up the area) moved all the tables inside Christensen. Then, of course, it got sunny.
Ben and Sam came by and asked for Comm. Studies materials, as they're both interested in switching. Well, Ben is. I don't think Sam ever declared another major, although I was sure he had, in history, economics, or something Sam-ish like that. More often, though, parents came by, asking (or not asking) for the candy on our table--of course, not requesting any information on our department. One man even came back for seconds, claiming his wife wanted some. I didn't believe him, and sure enough, I turned to watch him leave and saw him eat it.

I bought a monthly subscription to worldwide Skype tonight. It gives me unlimited calls to landlines (and mobiles within the US), which will be cheaper than buying a huge phone card and using that all the time. Even if I have to sometimes pay to use the internet, it will still be cheaper. I might re-load the phone card that came with one of my international insurance packages, but only enough to get me by between Skype-sessions.

Speaking of Skype, I talked to Ace tonight for about an hour. After having him ask me to talk about Mitch, I realized that I never really explained who he was.
Anyway, it was nice catching up with Ace. I hope this military thing goes through (even though I want him to be safe), and whether it does or doesn't, I hope he gets his tush back into school soon.

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