Friday, July 4, 2008

Wolves' dependence

I finished Wolf's Rain tonight. For the last, oh, five episodes or so, I cried the whole time watching, and for about a half hour after the last episode concluded, I cried still. My desktop wallpaper was of Kiba the last two days. Tonight it will be of Toboe.

Mitch became violently ill last night, and it carried on over to earlier this afternoon, and so we didn't get to go to the Taste of Minnesota with Alan and Brian like we'd planned. However, we had a perfect view of at least a dozen fireworks shows from our living room window. Mitch pushed the couch right up against the windowsill, so we used the 'sill as our table and cuddled while we watched.

Tomorrow, Mitch is making me breakfast in bed: pancakes and eggs. He claims he's not trying to make up for me having to deal with his disgusting sickness, but I know better. All the same, I love him for wanting to make it up to me.

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