Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Who slipped 4-Methyl-aminorex into my water?

Today was definitely worth getting out of bed.

Until 1:30, I was crabby. I'll admit I probably wasn't pleasurable to work with. I "ho hum"ed and shot tight-lipped glares out at the noisy children in the hall.

But then, at 1:30, I went upstairs to meet my group tour. We (the tour guides) introduced ourselves, and then we were each handed a section of the group to take out. I got the far-left group, which was a few students smaller than the others.
They made today worth it.
I donned my peppiest attitude while speedily shooing them around campus, making sure that everything I said was absolutely exciting. I loved to hear them "Woooow" when I said things like "You want to go to Brazil to study history? Done. And it might not cost you a penny more than what you'll spend at Augsburg."
At the end, when the tour was finished, five asked to take pictures with me. Once we got inside the drop-off room and settled in to hear a few speakers, one girl told Richard her favorite part of the day was "Ali." And at 3:00, when all the speakers were done, and the group had finished asking us tour guides questions about college, one more asked for a picture and three more hugged me.

I'm ecstatic.

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