Tuesday, July 15, 2008


SOAR Session 1 started this morning and lasted all day (and it will go in to tomorrow).
For those who aren't sure, SOAR is Augsburg's summer orientation overnight. Students come to campus to get a feel for what the neighborhoods are like, what services are available to them, and of course, to make friends.

For most of the day, I worked in Admissions, but at 3:00, I left for Professor Joseph Underhill's office to declare my second major! After that, I tabled with Kristen and Wes for the Comm. Studies department.

A few minutes ago, I finished meeting with Adam and Lily, Homemade's newest bloggers. They will take over the first-year blogger spot, so look for links to their blogs about a month or so from now.
I can tell they'll both be great.

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Lillian The Great said...

You bet we'll be great!