Sunday, July 20, 2008

So serious/Ni

We saw The Dark Knight--and let me tell you--it is every bit as good as I hoped it would be.
Now, that's not to say that it will win the Oscar for Best Picture. Because it won't. But overall, it was a fantastic movie. The acting was superb (and don't tell me Aaron Eckhart's performance was poor. He's supposed to be the typical smiley hero) and the effects were fabulous.
Of course, Heath Ledger's performance was absolutely the greatest. He was terrifying, as if Heath had literally stepped inside the Joker's body and spoke through him.
Apparently, Heath spent a month alone inside a hotel room, figuring out the Joker's personality and voice. I wouldn't doubt it. He had so much potential.
I watched Brokeback Mountain again last night, so I could keep Heath's performance as Ennis in my head while I watched The Dark Knight, and compare how versatile Heath was as an actor.

Anyway, moving off The Dark Knight (sort of), I read Brokeback Mountain tonight while waiting in line for the movie. It's a short story by Annie Proulx, and I happily noticed that most of the dialogue from BBM the film is taken from the text.

The whole reason we went to The Dark Knight tonight in specific was because of our friend Tony's birthday. First, we went to Jake's City Grille in Eden Prairie. It was a bit pricey for us college students, but the food was good, and we got our own special room with the Twins game on a big TV, so it was worth it.

I went to the library today before we left to get Annie Proulx's book, but I also picked up a book about the transformations in Japan after World War II. I'm going to read the bit about women in Japan tomorrow so I can prepare some intelligent and informed questions for the lady I hope to interview once in Tokyo.
Two full days left!

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