Monday, July 14, 2008

Rick Reilly at the Home Run Derby

"It's a lousy night to be an atheist."
--Rick Reilly, Home Run Derby 2008

This comment wasn't the only that made my jaw drop. Rick also made some race-centered comments about seeing too many white guys in the Derby, and one off-color comment about Hamilton's past drug addictions.

I wasn't sure who Rick Reilly was, so I looked him up online. Apparently, he's won the National Sportswriter of the Year eleven times.

What is the basis for giving out the National Sportswriter of the Year Award? That the writer has to be good enough to get through publishing and editors, but doesn't require tact or a knowledge of potentially offensive language?

C'mon ESPN: you couldn't find anybody less controversial to commentate the otherwise riveting (positively) Derby?

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Geoffrey M. Golia said...

And, ironically, he's a huge supporter of Lance Armstrong, an atheist - even arguing that he's the greatest athlete of, I guess, all-time.

There are two options, I think;
(1) Rick Reilly is a douchebag, or (2) He was simply grasping for straws, trying to be edgy, & failed ...

.. Because, honestly, he is a good sportswriter, albeit somewhat controversial. He tried to be as snarky & interesting as a live commentator as he is in print, & failed misreably, & not just with the atheist comment.

I'm glad you commented on this, & didn't just let it go, though ...