Tuesday, July 29, 2008

It's everything you see on TV

Konnichiwa, U.S.A!

I'm here at Sophia University, which is the school I'm attending here in Tokyo, Japan. I had my first day of class today, and I can tell I'm going to learn a TON. Let me put this in perspective: two classes, full credit--but instead of a semester to take it all in, I have three weeks.

I don't have much time to write this entry, as it's very common to pay for public internet access here in Japan, and I don't have a lot of time. Let me cover as much as I can in a few short sentences:

I've eaten an entire fish. Head and all.
I bathed naked with friends (and strangers) outdoors.
I've watched dubbed Hannah Montana.
I've eaten squid. With tentacles. Fresh out of the ocean.
I wore a yukata to dinner.
I've seen alcohol advertised by anime characters.
I've learned basic Japanese in less than a week.
I've purified myself to enter a Shinto shrine.
I bought wine at a vineyard run by those who were never given a chance in regular society.
I've taken over 800 pictures in five days.

I have to go now.
Time to go learn Hiragana!


Chue said...

yea! finally xD. but pay for internet excess? thought sophia said they had free wireless. but sounds fun!

i cant wait to come :D

p.s. i can't wait to see the pictures you've taken!

Teresa B said...

OMG you've done quite a bit since you've been there!! Did you go to a hot spring?!!!??

And omg- alcohol advertisements by anime characters is the best thing ever!!