Sunday, June 22, 2008

Shame on you, Betsy Morris

I just got done reading a whole issue of Fortune. In this issue, Betsy Morris wrote an article about Craig Gile, a white-collar worker who was put in jail for fraud-cover-up. The article was understandably sympathetic toward the man and his family (being a magazine catered toward white-collar readers who may or may not have had their fair share of contact with small cases of fraud). I can deal with that. It was this incredibly sexist paragraph that shocked me:

"By 1996, he [Craig Gile] had married Maureen, whom he would ever after, on a daily basis, refer to as "the lovely Maureen," or "TLM" in writing, and moved his growing family to Rowayton, a place he never intended to leave. He had fulfilled his ROTC commitments teaching at Penn while simultaneously getting an MBA at Wharton, and then headed straight to [Citigroup] to trade bonds. For a family man like Gile, Rowayton was the perfect place from which to catch the 5:37 A.M. Metro North train to Grand Central Terminal--an idyllic little commuter town on Long Island Sound where the husbands spill off the train on Friday nights and head to Bayley Beach. There, they know, the kids will be playing some kind of sport and the wives will be waiting to barbecue."

Now, I don't deny that the town of Rowayton exists, and maybe to Craig Gile, suburban wives with nothing better to do than await their husband's return from work are ideal. But Fortune, come on! Be more aware of your female readers who, like me, surely found the inclusion of that paragraph to be highly disrespectful.
You should be ashamed.

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