Monday, June 9, 2008

Platano Plantation

The lan adapter for the Wii came today! I couldn't move Mitch's dresser to get at the ethernet port and hook it up, so I had to wait for Mitch to come home. Once set up, I played Mario Kart with Mom and Tyler (via the fabulous internets) for about two hours. I racked up the VR points; I'm up to about 7,000 now.

Amber and I kicked major basket butt today. She got all of the cards done, and I tackled the random emails and web inquiries. A lot of them were specific requests, so I got to mail a bunch of people personalized letters and course catalogs, view books, and the like. Neat!

I'm desperate to volunteer, but I'm not sure where yet. I have a few strong ideas in my head, so maybe I'll act on them tomorrow.

I read another chapter of the public speaking book I got from the library. This chapter was an introduction to the layout and organization of speeches. It touched on general purpose, specific purpose, infinitives, and the central idea (or thesis). I wanted to begin the international relations book I nabbed from the Speakers Lab, but Mitch begged that I watch Family Guy with him, so that's where I'm at right now.

I met with Martha Johnson at 1:45 this afternoon! It was fantastic. For a good portion of our talk, all we did was giggle about Japanese culture, theater, etc. She said she likes my idea of doing a Student Created Learning Experience (a special type of Independent Study through the Honors Program) with me. She mentioned a number of ideas I should think about and sort through to decide what, specifically, I want to study. She said she did her dissertation on Noh drama, so maybe I'll take advantage of her sure-to-be plethora of knowledge in that area and study Noh.
She also said her best friend, who is Japanese, was voted one of the top ten business women in Japan. Martha then told me she could see if her friend would be willing to meet with me while I'm in Tokyo--I could do an interview!
Awesome, no?

Buenas noches; until next time, amigos.

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