Monday, June 16, 2008

Pillagers of a missing boat, inspiration through participation

I signed up to phone bank for Barack's campaign! I wanted to start tonight, but Al Gore decided to be late for his Obama-endorsement, and by the time he finished speaking, it was too late (the website cuts me off at 8 PM, so I'll just have to start tomorrow).

I was a very productive worker today in the office. I ripped through the project Mary gave me, the yellow folder, and the credit-eval folders.

I got more clothes in the mail today. It was the stuff from Aero: the uniform-looking stuff. I got a maroon polo shirt, a long, tan skirt, and long denim shorts. All three pieces fit well and will work equally as well for conservative Japanese schooling.

After Mitch came home and quickly changed out of his work-attire, we walked down to the Cedar neighborhood to Wells Fargo. After the bank, we hiked over to Pizza Luce and had a slice and a soda (in Mitch's case, a beer).

Mitch is watching Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark (the original title is simply Raiders of the Lost Ark). I just got done reading the third chapter of The Audacity of Hope, and next, I'll read the seventh chapter of the public speaking textbook I took out from the library. Yay, expansion of knowledge!

I can't wait to get started on phone banking. Tomorrow won't go quickly enough!

P.S. I added one more video to Youtube: Amanda making a rug angel.

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