Saturday, June 14, 2008

Once was an ENTA

I'm very unpatriotic about the current United States.
There. I said it.
Let's get on with it.

Today, I drove over to Unclaimed Freight and bought some body lotion (I'm out at home), and two Disney GoldenBooks to take to Japan and give to children.
Later, I took a bicycle ride up Country Rd 9 toward Taryn's house. I stopped and looked at the grass in a small field for about ten minutes, contemplating stealing the lilacs from a neighbor's yard. After a healing ten minutes, I turned my bike around and pedaled back toward the river, where I stopped once more to watch an old man fish along the banks. He had a cooler full of food with him, so it must have been an all-day affair.
I love the river. The whole area along Country Rd 9 is surprisingly scenic, should you take the time to notice.

Ever since I learned the real difference between extroverts and introverts, I've admitted that I belong to the latter. The difference, you see, is how you unwind. When you're feeling stressed out after a hard day at school or work, do you go out with a group of friends, or spend the evening with a good book and a cup of hot chocolate?
I think there's a sort of stigma on introverts, especially in middle and high school. People make each other feel that to be successful, one must be inherently social, or at least open to social functions all the time. I do not agree. Resisting social functions under stress does not mean you have poor communication or social skills. I know a few incredibly social (extrovert) people who don't know the first thing about properly communicating with others.

Dinner time. Steak, French fries, grapes, and a big glass of fatty, whole milk.

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