Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Now an ENTJ

Sharon had to reschedule our dinner at Champs (which was yummy), so I used some of my non-free minutes to call constituents who have given information to the Barack campaign. I called seven people. A few of them weren't home, so I left messages. One was driving, so I said I'd probably call back later, or tomorrow. Yet another wasn't busy, said he couldn't host what I asked him to, but said he'd like to get involved doing what I do. So I gave him the information, called another person (who's number was disconnected), and decided to be done for the day.
Getting involved in politics is exhilarating!

I met with Kristen today at 1:30 to order four magazine subscriptions for the forensics team: Newsweek, Scientific American, National Geographic, and Time. The best part is, even though I'm not on the team, I get to read the magazines!

I got my new camera and voice recorder in the mail today. Actually, the voice recorder isn't new--it's refurbished, but I don't mind refurbished stuff. My printer's refurbished, and it works beautifully. And why not get a refurbished product for an often much-reduced cost?

I read yet another chapter of The Audacity of Hope today before Mitch and I left to meet Sharon. This one was on the current hopelessness of many politicians. Barack wrote about how it's very hard to be true to yourself, your constituents, and your friends all at the same time. Yet, I have faith in him. I really feel like he's different.

Mitch bought Wicked tickets. I'm finally going to get to see it! Maybe I should re-read the book before we go (in November) so that I can pick apart the musical, like so many book enthusiasts do to re-creations.

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