Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Not really a Blanche (Du)fox

Mitch and I watched Run, Lola, Run, a German film this evening. I didn't think I'd watch it with him, but after heading out into the kitchen for a big honkin' piece of watermelon, I changed my mind. I'll admit the movie was only mediocre, with a decently entertaining but generally poor plot, and unsatisfyingly stale characters. However, the imagery was nice, and I can appreciate a movie for simply that, if need be.

I played with my new camera tonight. I deleted a bunch of unused programs from my computer, thinking I had to install the software that came packaged with my camera, but much to my happiness, I discovered that no such installation was required. Although, Fuji Film doesn't want its customers to know that (the programs on the CD are created by Fuji Film). My PC, which Mitch would like to say isn't compatible with squat, just proved to be useful once more.
Or, rather, hopefully once again--but not the last. I need my compy to last at least another two years. I can't afford a new machine next year. Maybe two years from now; but then, I'll be busy saving up for the "cheap" wedding Mitch and I are planning.
You know, I don't even want a dance. I hate cheesiness. I don't want corny songs dedicated to me (especially songs that everybody dedicates to everybody at weddings). I just want to have the people that have been great influences or loves in my life be around me and Mitch as we celebrate breaks.
After all, I view marriage as a cultural creation.

I didn't get to phone bank tonight. Mitch and I (it's been a lot of "Mitch and I" tonight) met up with Megan and Erik and Pizza Luce over in St Paul for some grub and catching up. Erik is going to grad school in Boston! Way to go, dude!

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