Tuesday, June 24, 2008

A million little pieces

Minnesota Private College Week! It's very rewarding work, but golly it makes me tired. Thankfully, I get a two-hour lunch break to step away from the semi-madness and do the dishes (as I did today) or take a nap (which I did for a few minutes yesterday).

After Mitch got home from his internship, we changed into our work-out clothes and played tennis on the court. It was my first time "playing" the game since we had to for tenth-grade gym class, and although my serves are pretty good, my returns aren't up to scratch quite yet. My left arm, which for some reason I use in tennis (otherwise, I use my right arm in sports--throwing, dribbling...), will be very sore tomorrow.

I did another hour of phone banking tonight. I really do enjoy it, although I haven't become wholly comfortable doing it yet. My heart still races a titch every time I dial a number and then press the talk button. Will the person pick up? Will they hang up on me? Thankfully, the people I'm calling are all democrats or have already pledged their support for Barack, so it'll be hard to find anybody truly upset over my call.
Although it's not in the call script, I always ask if people are busy--just to make sure my call isn't intruding on dinner or driving. This is for one of two reasons: A) if a person is doing one of those things, or something else that requires their attention, they are more likely to become annoyed by my request for their service, and B) if the person's attention is taken by something else, they may only listen half-heartedly to what I have to say. Thus, in either case, my message has been diluted, or in more extreme cases, disregarded. If people say they're busy, I tell them I'll call back another time, and I apologize for having called at an inconvenient moment.

I thought about writing a letter to the editor of Fortune about the sexist article I recently mentioned here at No, I Am a Cat, but then I remembered that Fortune publishes every two weeks, and it's been much longer since the issue in which the article appeared was released.

You know--I'm going to come out and admit this: Hillary's line about breaking the glass ceiling into eighteen million pieces was pretty good. Kudos to her speech-writer(s).

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