Sunday, June 1, 2008

Middle Kingdom 2

Today was HOT.

Mitch and I went to Kristi's concert over in Uptown. First, we drove around Lake Calhoun for about a half hour, trying to find the band shell, only to realize that the band shell is over at Lake Harriet. So we got over there, and spent another half hour trying to find a parking spot.
It was incredibly annoying. I will never again voluntarily go to either of those lakes on a weekend. It's like a convention. There are so many people biking, lounging, driving. It disgusted me!

The concert was a collaboration with some sort of children's orchestral group. The guitar ensemble sucked, but the full orchestra was all right. The last piece (in which Kristi's choir sang) was neat. The sound during the first half sucked, though, so it was hard to hear the lyrics.

We had a picnic in Murphy Park afterward. Brats, veggies, and chips! Yum.

I read the rest of my current Fortune issue. It was a pretty good one. It included some interesting articles about China's economy (and how it will surpass ours in about seven years).
Pop quiz!: Before the U.S. was the top world economy, what country held the title?
What's your answer? Britain? France?

Wrong! It was China. So an extreme rise in China's economy in the next seven years doesn't seem so far-fetched.

What are you going to do to prepare?

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