Saturday, June 21, 2008

Many insects

Most of today was spent doing something, but I still feel as if all I did was lay around for the first half. After I showered and Mitch helped Kristi pick up something at a garage sale, we went to the Lake Street Target and bought a few more things for my trip: a conservative swim suit (I could wear my bikini, but I don't want to be the stereotypical American), a fully-working, and much smaller straightener, a big bottle of toothpaste (which I need anyway), and a few other little things.
Mitch bought me a tennis racket! Woohoo! We didn't get to play, though, because when we got home, it was windy-as-hell (which it's been for the last few weeks, and which I'm becoming incredibly annoyed with). At about six, Brian came over, and we took a few coolers down to Murphy Square for a picnic. Tony and Katie arrived about a half hour later, and we chowed down on brats, hamburgers, chips, and grapes. After dinner, we played (flying disc) and catch. Then we went inside and watched Charlie Wilson's War, which I thought was entertaining but very hard to hear. The audio was just not that great. It was a nice, dramatized look at the Cold War, at least.

Speaking of the Cold War, here's a question: Do you think it was our actions during and at the end of the Cold War (essentially, how we won it and our foreign policy after the end of the war) that led to the attacks on September 11?
One of the essays that I read in The Age of Terror leads me to possibly believe our actions either began, or in the very least, aggravated, the situation...
Which leads me to another question: If you think our actions led to the September 11 attacks, do you think that if we would have done things differently during the Cold War, the attacks could have been prevented? Or would they still occur, just farther down the timeline?

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