Sunday, June 29, 2008

Love war

At about noon, I left for Mitch's, where we played BlongoBall, and had a barbecue. It was a bit colder out than I would have liked, thanks to the wind, but otherwise, it was a spectacular time.

When we got back to Augsburg, I did a test run of packing for Japan. Mitch's parents are letting me borrow some of their luggage, and so I wanted to make sure it was the right fit in case I needed to exchange it for another size next time we go home. I don't need to, though. It fits everything, and Mitch says I could put a lot more things in it because it's nowhere near its weight limit. I don't know whether or not to believe him, but I suppose I'll pack a few more things when I actually leave.

I watched Dr. Strangelove tonight. Mitch slept through most of it, and it's a shame he did. The movie started out slowly, I'll admit, but once it reached the midpoint, the story got incredibly interesting. Not to mention, the humor emerged. Stanley Kubrick is a neat guy.
What fascinates me the most about the movie is its plot as compared to the setting in which it was released. Dr. Strangelove is a movie that satirizes the Cold War. It was released early during the Cold War: 1964. I wish I could go back in time and grow up during the Cold War, just to see what my reaction would have been to this film.
Oh, if it wasn't for the Cold War, where would we be now?
In Iraq? Maybe...but possibly not.

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