Monday, June 30, 2008

It's not Athens

Amber's gone all week and Mary's gone on Mondays, so today was a very lonely day until later this afternoon when Marette came to help me on the gigantic yellow folder.
I gave two tours, and of course, those went well, but nonetheless, the back room was very quiet.
I got a huge chunk of the folder done, though.

One of my tour groups consisted of a soon-to-be senior and his dad; both were Detroit fans, and although I forgot to ask, probably went to the game tonight. Anyway, I got in to a brief conversation about the 2006 season with them, and subsequently became excited about watching games. So, after spending about an hour replying to emails from fellow CIEE Tokyo participants, I went in to the living room and flipped on the game. How many new guys are on the team? Jeebus. And I swear the roster changes dramatically at least every series.

I've settled on the realization that I am not nearly as interested in the general election as I was in the primary season. Or, at least, not yet. I surely will once things become more heated, but for now, neither nominees have even been declared at their respective conventions yet, so everything is pretty mellow. I mean, yes, there have been some attacks floating around, but most of these haven't come from either main candidate--rather, from advisers or friends.
I sort of like the ridiculousness that is today's political reality.

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