Friday, June 13, 2008

I inhaled. Point added.

We came home today!

Work was fun. I gave another tour today; this time, to a soon-to-be senior attending St Paul Academy. Apparently, during each year, seniors give a speech to the whole school every Friday. And at the end of the the year, all seniors take part in a week long internship wherever they want.
Wicked, huh?
The girl talked about wanting to major in International Relations, and that she was interested in studying in Central America. I told her, basically, she needs to come here. She fits the Augsburg bill 100%.

Anyway, Mitch and I are home now. I had dinner (brats, fried potatoes, and salad) over at his house, then he brought me home to have muffins and tea with Mom. Yummy!

I have almost all that I need for Japan. I just have to order/buy a few more things (like some new shoes--my current favorites are quickly falling apart, and a conservative swimsuit--I don't feel particularly into portraying the common, often true stereotype of American women).

I desperately want a Barack pin. I already donated a small amount to the DNC, but I still want physical evidence of my allegiance.

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