Thursday, June 5, 2008

Daedalus does it right

Today, I gave another surprise tour. This time, it was for a transfer student who I could tell wanted to come to Augsburg, she just hadn't deposited and made it official yet. Both she and her mother were very receptive and kind, two attributes I've found all my tour-people to have so far.
The tour, as most transfer tours do, only lasted a half hour since we didn't go see Urness or Kennedy Center (to all you non-or-not-yet-Auggies, Urness is the first-year residence hall, and Kennedy Center is the brand new fitness center).
Don't let me forget to write her a thank-you card!

I donated $15 to the DNC/Obama campaign tonight. $5 went to Barack's primary site, so I'm assuming it will go toward paying off any debts (including Clinton's, that mooch), and $10 went to the DNC, effectively helping the general election. It's not much, but of course it's all I have. I don't have much money to live off of before I leave, so I've gotta make it count. Besides, I still have a VISA bill to pay off, and that's no small change.
After donating, I looked at buying a button, but I decided I'd better not. Too bad...I really want one!

I got the project Mary gave me yesterday all done! It consisted of entering about 100 soccer recruits into the system. Now, this doesn't sound any different than my usual duties, but the way the soccer recruits are sent to us...well, they're not--shall I say--user friendly. Really, the format sucks. It's spread out into one long line. When they print, each recruit is printed on five pages. It's ridiculous. So anyway, I had to go through, decipher the darn things, and then enter them bit by bit. After the project's completion, I headed to the Fish Bowl for lunch and people-watching with Ben, Marette, Amber, and Shonna. We saw Clio, Professor Adamo's dog zip across the landscape a few times, which made my day.

Bob Groven came into the office today; we talked about my Student Created Learning Experience idea. He said it sounded great, and that I should talk to Martha Johnson. I emailed her, she emailed back, and now we're setting up a time to meet. I can't wait for everything to get figured out!
I should probably explain, I suppose: in place of Arts in the City (the Honors Program fine arts course, which definitely will not fit my type of schedule), I want to create my own class (not to be mistaken for an independent study) on some category of Japanese fine arts. I'm totally open to ideas from Martha concerning the details.

Time for bed. Mitch wants to tell me about how much money he's making at his internship (insert eye-roll).

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