Thursday, June 19, 2008

Color passion

Interesting. Not that Boulevard was ever a stellar song, but it's nonetheless fun to hear a Japanese artist cover it.

I gave yet another tour today. This time, it was for a junior (soon to be senior) interested in graphic design and business. Two well-matched pairs, I told him. I've had nothing but good tours, knock on wood. Of course, some have gone more well than others (due to me saying strange things, or tripping on the sidewalk like I did during one tour). Everyone has been very kind to me, and they've all asked a lot of great questions.

I've decided to take notes while I read the International Relations textbook (don't let me forget to put it back in the Speakers Lab when I'm done). It's a somewhat poorly constructed textbook, in that there is a lot of small text everywhere, so writing down main points and other tidbits that would be good to have as basic knowledge will help me retain the info I need for my future International Relations courses.

I played Mario Kart with Mom tonight. I did pretty well for a while, but then I got stuck in a race with a very good player who gave me a run for my money. I got third in a race of twelve and lost points. Rough.

Mitch made brats on his George Foreman grill tonight. He opened one of his fancy Polish beers (or Czech, German...I don't know the difference), but ended up opting for the grape Kool-Aid I made. Cute.

I got my loan approved! I called Wells Fargo today and had a nice lady check my file for me, and she told me it went through and that Augsburg should be receiving it in the next few days. Hoorah, money that I will eventually have to pay back + interest.

I did an hour of phone banking tonight. I love it--every person I called and got ahold of was kind, understanding, and open to my request. I can't wait to do it again. Tomorrow I can't, because we're going out for Alan's birthday, but I can do a bunch this weekend with my free minutes.

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