Sunday, June 8, 2008

Charming Nyx

Mitch and I were all over the place today.

First, I woke up at about nine and he woke up at ten to watch Hillary's exit speech. I'm thankful for most of the things she said; however, I still rolled my eyes when her still-bitter supporters shouted things like "We love you, Hillary!" and "Denver!"

After the speech and showers, we left for Bloomington to pick up my ring. After driving out of the parking lot, I actually looked at the ring and thought it wasn't mine, it was so clean! Not that my ring was ever truly filthy, it's that jewelers must have ways of making things look brand spankin' new.

Mitch bought the Best of Yoshida Brothers on iTunes for me today. I burned it to a disc before we left for the second time (to go to Target for a few things, then to head over to Brian's).

Brian's living with a couple girls this summer. They're staying in a brand new house; it was very nice (and had a honkin' big stove). We played Killer Bunnies (which I didn't like the first time I played, but do now), Mario Kart, and Buzzword. I even got a massage from Alan; I needed it--I got a few neck-headaches last week that put me out of action for a good couple hours.
It was a nice night.
O-yasumi nasai.

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