Thursday, June 26, 2008

Calling all Freuds

I lied: no Aesop for today. Look for it sometime next week, maybe.

For now, here's a dream I had last night:

I was a fairy with white wings, pointed ears, and glitter all over my face (so, the worst kind of fairy). I had to help this guy who had to convince these other people (almost like a panel of judges) that his creation (some sort of food) was genuinely him. But some other people wanted to disrupt his plans, so we had to be incredibly stealthy about the whole thing. I can't remember the entire process to get all the ingredients and testimonies of people who were on our side, but I can tell you that it was a sort of adventure, creeping around the bad people. Toward the end of the dream, the good guy was captured by the head of the other side, and so it was up to me not only to save him, but to finish the food in time. I sent a clone to aid him by fooling the head bad person, and then I had to get back to the house and collect poppy plants (although that's not what they were, only what I called them in the dream) to put in the pot as the final ingredient. I did. The day was saved, and the man was very thankful for my help. Also, there was some sort of connection with cats and Moogles in the dream.

I've decided that it's very hard to have good grammar and vocabulary when describing hazy dreams. I actually had two last night, and I typed them both into Notepad before pasting the second here, and neither are written above a third grade level. I suppose it's like giving directions to somewhere across the country when you have no expertise of the actual road names involved.

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