Saturday, June 21, 2008

Bastet unleashed

Happy birthday, Alan!

Today, I gave a tour at 9:30, then worked for the rest of the day on the monstrous green folder and other Minnesota Private College Week stuff. We, the student workers, went to Will O'Berry's going-away party. Yes, Will is leaving; he's heading to grad school in Georgia. I don't think I've met his replacement (I gave a tour to one prospect, but I'm not sure if it's him). I did get a chance to semi-meet the new Ramon. She seems neat.

After work, I cleaned (did the dishes, took out the trash, wiped everything down), and then waited for Mitch to get home. I ate three bowls of off-brand Froot Loops, and then got ready for Alan's b-day bash. They (Alan, Eric, and Lily) picked me up at a little after five o'clock, and we headed over to Brian's new place.

After playing Scene It, Tony and Katie arrived, so we went to a near-by park and played Frisbee, Polish horseshoes, and after all that, we romped on the playground for about an hour. It felt so good to use monkey-bars and climb up slides. Adults should really play more often.

After another round of Polish horseshoes, we went to Old Chicago, where we met Mitch, and ate a deliciously American dinner. Following that, we once again went to Brian's, where we ate homemade Jello cake, played Trivial Pursuit (during which I fell asleep), and then left for home.

It's been a good day.

I wonder why there is such a stigma on playing after the onset of adulthood. Is it cultural, or is the stigma apparent worldwide?

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