Monday, June 2, 2008

Andy as a man; toys

Surprise tour!
At 10, Brenda came to the back room and asked if I wanted to give a tour at 10:45. I said yes, and at 10:45, I took one of the prospects for Will O'Berry's job (Will's going to grad school).
The prospect said he's originally from Idaho, moved to Oregon, moved to Minneapolis and worked at Hamline University for a while, and then moved back to Oregon. I talked to him for a few minutes about how he likes Oregon; he said he's only about 45 minutes away from the ocean and can go there for a picnic on the weekend. Oooooh! I'm jealous: I've never been to the ocean!

After my tour, I opened the mail and entered it all. Then, I left at 12:30 to eat some quick lunch and print off some resources for the Speakers Lab resource binder. I met Kristen in her office at one, and we went downstairs to clean and sort through the Speakers Lab closet. It took two hours but we did it. And I got to take home an International Relations book; I'll read it before I leave for Japan.
I can't wait to actually work in the Speakers Lab. It's already so cozy and neat.

After Mitch got done with work, we met at the Franklin Avenue light rail station and headed to the Mall of America to run some errands. He had an appointment at the Apple Store for his old iPod, and I needed to pick up some Minnesotan gifts to bring to Japan (they like gifts). I got some pins, some key chains, some pens, and a magnet. I also want to get a few Twins knick-knacks (maybe some cards?) and some Augsburg goodies (I'm not going to Japan on official Admissions business, but it can't hurt to give people cool advertisements, right?).

The United States' pledge of allegiance speaks of "God," in the phrase "Under God, with liberty and justice for all." What's your stance on keeping the word "God" in the pledge? And what about requiring students to learn and recite it, as many schools do (my school included)? Make your answer culturally aware.

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