Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Acknowledge mine


1. Barack won the nomination. I could die of smilies.
A. I got a fever today. How stupid, huh? I was going to go to the rally in St. Paul and see Barack speak, but I woke up with my eyes glued half-shut and my head feeling like a submarine at the ocean's depths.
B. Mitch isn't voting for McCain anymore; he's voting for Obama. This is big news in itself. Mitch worked on George W. Bush's campaign and has forever been a declared Republican. He said that after going to Europe and realizing that even Europeans want Obama as U.S. President, maybe he's the right choice after all. I almost peed my pants when he told me.
C. Mitch went to the rally without me, but at least one of us got to go. I watched excitedly from the living room, eating tortilla chips.

2. Hillary Clinton lives in a parallel universe. She is a narcissist, feels she is entitled to the Presidency (which she's not, the method of political nomination and election are changing), and did a d-bag move tonight in her speech. I can let her get away with not conceding, but nearly her whole speech was about how she "still is the strongest candidate against McCain," and "won the popular vote," which everybody who can do basic math knows is not true.

3. John McCain has the public speaking skills of a two-year old. He deserves no more of my attention than that.

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