Tuesday, June 10, 2008

No congos for Congos

According to The Communication Blog, written by Joseph DeVito, and USA Today, cohabitation in the United States--while increasing--lags behind countries such as Denmark and Sweden (where approximately 1/4 of couples cohabitate).
Since my cognitive abilities have improved, I've found questioning things to be far more fun than simply understanding them. Take the U.S. for example: Why does our constitution scream civil liberties, yet our practices do not? Why do our laws inherently protect the rights of all and yet realistically protect the rights of only the majority (or, powerful--wealth, status, etc.). Why are we consistently in the top ten for GDP per capita but 90-something in terms of safety and 3o-something in life expectancy? Where, along the lines, did we become obsessed with military and subsequently waste all our resources on the ? It surely wasn't before the first two World Wars. Sure, we had a few fights here and there with the French, the Spanish, and ourselves, but we weren't imperialists until just recently (being about 100 years ago, which I guess is a long time for a country as young as the U.S.).

Love the rant (that's an order).

Tomorrow, I meet with Professor Joseph Underhill. I'll let you know how it goes.
Now, it's time to meet up with Mom via Mario Kart.
Mitch is watching Schindler's List. I plan on reading The Little Match Girl later. From those two activities surely comes two depressed people.

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