Sunday, May 25, 2008

The Woman With the Iron Gun

We celebrated Mom's birthday today. I went to the grocery store while she and Bob were at church and picked up stuff I needed for school and chocolate cake.
When I got home, I popped onto my computer to check my email. Mom and Bob came home; Bob went to work outside and Mom stayed in to tell me (for an hour) how she's not going to the church anymore. I mean, not our church--she'll be going to another either in Milaca or Princeton.

After that, I made the chocolate cake (and licked the extra batter out of the bowl). We ate spaghetti with strawberries and peas for dinner. Yum! We had cake right away, and Mom got to open the present I got her: a new black purse (she picked it out last time we went shopping together).

We played Mario Kart all evening. Mitch fell asleep about an hour in, and stayed asleep until about 10:30, when he left for home.

I put a bunch of books on my marketplace. They're books that I bought and never read (A Tale of Two Cities) and books that I read but never liked (Great Expectations). Which brings me to this: does anybody have need for The Novels of Charles Dickens?

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