Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Starshroom, away


I almost went on my second walk-along tour, but the opportunity did not present itself.

Mitch brought me lunch (rice with sugar, just how I like it).
He still hasn't packed anything yet. We're moving on Friday, and I'm hoping he'll take some time out of his incredibly "busy" week to begin the process. He claims there's nothing he can really do, but I can sure think of a few things: put the food we won't eat in two days into bags, make sense of the million papers laying around...

All work and no school makes Ali confused. I wish I had the money to take summer classes here before I leave for Japan. Since there are three summer sessions per summer, I could take a session one class (like Public Speaking) and get something out of the way/learn something new/take one more class that only lasts a month.
Not that I'm happy about my two Japanese classes only lasting a month. I'm 100% positive the professors will attempt to cram in as much as possible (or impossible). I wonder what it would be like to be a real Japanese student and have to take cram classes to get into high school and college. Yeah, high school--you read right. In case you were unaware, Japanese students have to be admitted into high school. I mean, sure--most Japanese are educated (to the nth degree), but getting into a fantastic college like say, Tokyo University, means first getting into a really great high school, which means doing incredibly well in elementary school.
Ridiculous, no? Or, at least ridiculous to Americans.

Mitch and I are going to play more Mario Kart now (and he's going to make dinner!). It's the first of his couple nights in with me before he leaves for Germany, Poland, and the Czech Republic.

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