Thursday, May 29, 2008

Soft Action

Before heading to our movie, Mitch and I ate at Old Chicago just a few blocks from The Uptown theater. We had the same waiter; he was training somebody in, so he carded Mitch once more, but he was almost as bubbly as the first time we had him, and we tipped him nicely.
I had a bowl of broccoli soup and a cup of green tea; Mitch had a chicken strip basket (big surprise, eh?) and a Czech beer.

After Old Chicago, we hopped over to the theater (we were the first people there) and got great seats (although The Uptown is huge, so it's nearly impossible to get bad seats). The movie--called Reprise--is a Norwegian film about two writers. It was fantastic, as the reviews told us it would be, but I have to admit it wasn't my type of movie. Or, rather, it was too easy-going. There wasn't enough death for me. I prefer movies like The Departed and Brokeback Mountain. I need utter tragedy, not just some bad circumstances.
I don't, however, like romance movies, which is why watching Atonement last night made me incredibly upset. I cried into Mitch's shoulder for about ten minutes while he reiterated "It's only a movie!"
But of course, my not liking romance movies does not explain my love for Brokeback.

Since Recruitment Plus (the program we use to handle all prospective students) was down, it was cleaning-day in the office. I pruned the plant, purged our paper materials (some things were from three years ago!), and wiped and vacuumed everything in the back room.
I also met with Kristen today, made plans to meet again on Monday at 1 P.M. to organize the Speakers Lab, and gave a tour to student from Eden Prairie.

After I finish my entry, I'll do some more public speaking exercises online. Gotta honez my skillz.

The controversial bits of No, I Am a Cat have been very absent.
I will begin again:
Imagine a world where only two regions existed: a communist region and a capitalist region. The communist region was perfect (perfectly communist) and the capitalist region was perfect (perfectly capitalist). Both regions and their chosen political paradigms ran as originally intended by their creators. Neither region sought war with the other, and trade did not extend outside each region's borders. Essentially, the regions existed as different universes.
Neither region would ever become imperfect, and nothing in terms of political stability would ever change.

Which region would you live in?

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Alan said...

Read this. I would choose the ideal communist society. You can't have a perfectly capitalist society. Capitalism by its nature will dissolve to a non-perfect form. Capitalism is all about people making profit over others. There will always have to be a working class, and there will always have to be an upper class.