Sunday, May 18, 2008

Ruth and Robert

Today was aaaawweesoooommeee.

I got my hair cut at Moxie, which is an uptown salon. According to their website, Moxie was voted for best haircut by City Pages two years in a row. I got my hair done by a young woman named Amanda who was absolutely hilarious. She seemed like a regular liberal metropolis-resident (which, of course, I am). It was a neat place: I got free tea while I waited for my turn.
My cut is a little shorter than before, but I like it. I actually wanted it really short, but Amanda said she suggested keeping some hair at least at my chin. I told her I trust her. I feel bad for people in the service industry: people always try to tell them how to do their job, as if a college education better prepares the masses to fix toilets or make steel than does specific, vocational training.

Calvin and Alan arrived at around a quarter to six. Calvin hasn't changed. He still strokes himself and curls up on the floor when people harass him. We left for downtown a little after six for dinner. We ate at Sawatdee, which is a Thai place just a few blocks from the last light rail stop. The food was good (I had Pad See Yew, Calvin had curry, and Alan had squid and shrimp), and after dinner, we headed back toward the light rail station and into Block E to visit Gamestop. Again, they didn't have Okami for the PS2, and again, I was engaged in surprised conversation with the store worker.

When we got back to Augsburg, we played Mario Kart, then watched I Am Legend on Blu Ray. Neither Alan nor Calvin had seen it before tonight. After the traditional movie (with the shown-in-theaters ending), we watched the original ending. I preferred the in-theaters ending. Actually, I prefer above all else the real original ending (found in the book by Richard Matheson).

We talked for a while after the movie, and at about 2:30, we went to sleep. Or, at least, I'm in the bedroom blogging, and Alan and Calvin are out in the living room talking like friends at a slumber party.

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