Sunday, May 4, 2008

Playing Artemis

There's stuff EVERYWHERE.

Mitch and I are back down at Augsburg after an afternoon with our families. We all went out to eat at a Sheri/Craig hot spot (Jigger's) in celebration of Mitch's b-day; I had mozzarella sticks and of course, they were delicious.

I woke up to my alarm at 10:30. I got enough sleep, right? I went to bed at about 3:30--not too long after my last entry. For some reason, it took a few minutes to fall asleep. Maybe because I'd passed the point of tired. You know--when you feel as if you could stay awake for another day? Ernie slept with me again! I can't wait to have a pet down here where I actually live.

I went outside for a bit this afternoon before Mitch picked me up. I took Ernie out with me (he's been begging to out--he knows the weather's nice) and let him meander around. Maggie came outside too, but I didn't have to pay much attention to her--she was busy with a disgustingly dirty bone she found. I laid with Boris and Sadie for a bit, stroking both semi-equally to avoid jealousy. Then I had to run and grab Ernie because he was escaping around the side of the house. I took him for a walk (I held him so he could look around), then set him down on the newly created stump in our backyard; lastly, I took a quick cat-nap in my favorite tree branch, then grabbed Ernie and went back inside to pack.

Anyway, I'm back at Augsburg now, and there is a ridiculous amount of stuff laying around the dorm. I like having a bedroom already (Charles is all moved out), but I know getting used to it and then being stripped of it come July will be tough. It sucks that we have to move everything in a week, too. Boo, being unsettled.

There were a surprising number of people still around the res-halls today when we got here. I wonder if some stragglers are still moving out...

Mitch wants me to play Mario Kart now: we have to unlock everything again, but it won't take much: I'm a pro with Baby Peach. ;)

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