Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Ovid: one affluent dude

I played Mario Kart for two hours tonight. Kristi took Mitch to the Imperial Room for dinner and drinks, so I had nobody telling me what I should do (I kid. Mitch never does that).
Anyway, I unlocked Rosalina, who's a heavy-class. I didn't get to play using her, because I spent my whole time playing unlocking stuff (and I'm too scared to use anybody but Baby Peach at this point). I'll use her tomorrow when Mitch and I play a multi-player match.

Still no more grades in...Joe said they aren't due until the 15--which is much too far away for me. I want them now!

Dawn Slade emailed me again. We're talking about my article.
I sent more letters in the mail today. I can't wait to see if people reply to me.
I also sent the Mother's Day card I got for Mom. I included a colored octopus for her.
I can't wait to go home when Mitch comes back from Germany--I want to make Mom a yummy cake in celebration of her awesomeness.

I'm not going to wait up for Mitch; he'll be home when he gets home. :)

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