Saturday, May 31, 2008

Oswald, meet Japan (2004)

We got to sleep in!

This morning, while I was in the shower, Charles came over to do some business stuff. Mitch made plans with him to go to lunch, so after we both finished getting ready for public, we left. We went to the little Chinese buffet in St. Paul that we usually go to with Tony and Brian (except that they don't come back down here until tomorrow). All three of us had the buffet; Mitch ate the most, then Charles (surprisingly), and then of course, me. I ate very handily with chopsticks, which, as it should, made me feel superior to the other two.

After lunch, Charles left for Eden Prairie, and Mitch and I drove over to Bloomington to drop off my ring. It needs to get cleaned, but apparently there are a few loose diamonds, so I won't get it back until Wednesday.

After Wedding Day Diamonds, we drove across the street to Target to pick up a few things: eyeliner, a binder to put public speaking resources in (for the Speakers Lab!), and the new Underoath live CD. It's Dangerous Business Walking Out Your Front Door is <3.

Tonight, we're staying in. We had a tornado warning just a bit ago, and it's still storming out, so staying in was a wise choice. We're planning on watching Black Hawk Down, but all that means is I'll be in the bedroom reading and Mitch will be doing the actual watching. I don't have any desire to see B.H.D. Pom Poko, on the other hand...

The Democratic National Party made a decision concerning the state of Michigan and Florida's delegates. I guess it's all right, but of course now Hillary and her supporters will act even more loony. "If we can't vote for Hillary, we'll vote for McCain." Who does that? They obviously do not realize that not only is the situation with delegates not Barack's fault, Barack and Hillary have nearly identical beliefs on core issues. Voting for McCain would be a foolish, very immature mistake.
I can't handle it. Grow up, people!

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