Monday, May 5, 2008

Of course Freyja is blonde

Mitch is out with his Norwegian friends; they went to Tracy's for drinks...or something.

Tonight, I started reading the book Kristen gave me; it's called The Age of Terror (apparently, the underline option does not exist in Blogger). It's a collection of pieces by big important people (who, thankfully, don't talk as if bigger words mean better ideas) about America and it's past and future position in the world centered around the attacks on September 11. I was skeptical for that reason (having to do with 9/11) at first, but so far it's been a pretty good read: enlightening, fairly easy to actually read, and since it's split up into semi-short pieces, I get natural breaks to contemplate the book in its entirety. I'm about 1/3 of the way through; next is a piece by Paul Kennedy, a history professor and director of International Security Studies at Yale.
That's another reason I was skeptical: I stereotype anyone from Ivy League schools as pompous and without creativity--but of course, not all Ivy Leaguers are like that.

I worked in Admissions from 9-3 today; at 3, I left for Kristen's office, but she wasn't there, that stinker! I left a message on the door for her, just in case she came later, but I didn't get a call, so I went up to Mort. I cleaned for a bit, then Mitch dragged me into playing a few cups of Mario Kart (100cc).

I worked out tonight! Be proud of me.
I spent some time on my favorite machine (the elliptical), then did some weight-training before I hiked back to Mitch's room. On my way out of the Fitness Center, I was bombarded by high school wrestlers who A) all had their shirts off (so what?), and B) were incredibly impolite. I had to shove them out of my mind and remember people like Beau, Calvin, and Dillon who do away with my (sometimes, sadly) horribly accurate stereotype...But then again--all stereotypes are sometimes accurate. However, people are more complex than stereotypes give them credit for.

Go to bed, Ali! Work tomorrow at nine.

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