Friday, May 30, 2008

No more Megara

Ian, our tech-person, came in later this morning and installed RP back onto our computers. So, with something to do, I put in some cards, retrieved and opened the mail (there was soooo much!), entered the mail, did a little bit more organizing (somebody already made the backroom look messy), put in a few more cards, and did the mailing. It was a surprisingly busy day!

After work, I'd planned on watching The Cat Returns with subtitles, but I cleaned instead.

Mitch, after getting home from work, asked if we should order Chinese food, but as he took me out last night, I said no. We played Mario Kart for a few minutes, he went to make dinner (, I kept playing (I beat the Mirror Cup; now all I have to do is get stars), and then after all that, we watched Mission Impossible. Rather, he watched Mission Impossible and I contemplated my double major. I really want to do International Relations; I think it's an excellent fit for me. Granted, I won't be able to take random electives (like conducting or improvisation), but I"ll still be taking classes that I enjoy.

I also read the rest of this month's EGM. The Game of the Month was, of course, Grand Theft Auto IV. What I didn't realize is that the last true GTA game came out way back in 2001. Kingdom Hearts was released in 2002 and it's had two sequels since then!

Now, we're watching Robot Chicken. I love dark comedy.
I wonder why it's called "dark" comedy.

What are your views on cigarettes? Should it be the responsibility of the government to regulate cigarettes (banning them, raising taxes, etc.)? Why or why not? Give details about your decision.

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