Saturday, May 24, 2008

A New Wave Bossa Nova


Let me start from the beginning:
I woke up at about nine this morning. After peeing, then deciding it was far too early to be up-and-about, I crawled back in bed, turned on my computer, and chatted with Ace (my dear Paul Douglas) for two hours. After that, I got out of bed, ate a bowl of cereal (using up the last bit of milk), and began my last round of cleaning before Mitch came home. I wanted the room to look beautifully spic-and-span (and it'd better stay that way after I leave for Japan).

After cleaning, I showered, put my mask (makeup) on, and played Mario Kart for about twenty minutes. Then Mitch called to say he was outside Mortensen: his plane had landed early!
I ran downstairs to let him in and jumped into a giant hug. We rode up the elevator together, he talked about his trip for about fifteen minutes, and then we headed home.

We got into Milaca at about five-thirty and unloaded the stuff I brought home (there's just no room or immediate need at school). Mitch left for his house but came back at about 7:30. Brian came a little later, and Cory came a little after that. We watched a slide show of Mitch's trip, sat around for a bit, then played Mario Kart. Tony came during the sitting around for a bit part.
Cory and I talked about Japan, about the DS (he has The World Ends With You!), and about how I shouldn't say "Ichi home" when people sneeze. Apparently, Japanese just don't say anything.
Well then who the heck translated "Bless you?" And why? Silly translators who think everything in English is said in other countries.

It's late, now. Everyone headed home (Mitch earlier than the others--poor guy, he's so tired).
Tomorrow I have to find stuff to have in the Speakers Lab. We need a pencil holder, most importantly. I'm big on having all my pencils in one spot.

P.S. I'm getting contact cards. Meishi!

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